The Electron Microscopy Core Facility (EMCF) provides technical and scientific support for transmission and scanning electron microscopy at the University of Heidelberg. We offer full service as well as support for projects. Depending on the need, we can do all the electron microscopy (EM) related processing or we can train students and investigators to use our equipment and microscope facilities to answer their EM related questions. We also offer our services to researchers and patrons outside the University of Heidelberg.

Our diverse and strong background in fields of cell biology will help to optimize biological approaches in sample preparation, which is the key to successful electron microscopy. Combining our technical resources along with our expertise is our aim at EMCF! We also network with other specialized EM groups and resources on campus and abroad to help build better support for EM projects.

ara_root_wt_hpf__2_OSo_wash_0_5UA__Spurr303We utilize various EM techniques for biological imaging, for example Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy, and/or immunogold labelling. This frequently allows to link structure and function and help answer numerous biological questions. Direct identification of subcellular structures helps to supplement and confirm light microscopical analysis and provides higher resolution information which is otherwise difficult to achieve. Come and talk to us and find out how your experiments can benefit from electron microscopy.

The EMCF is a DFG-registered service facility (RI_00565). We are part of the CellNetworks Core Technology Platform (CCTP) and SFB 1129. Dr. Charlotta Funaya and Dr. Réza Shahidi are the co-heads of the EMCF.

If you have any question about our services or are interested in starting a project, please write an email to or see contact for alternatives to reach us.